Walkera Helicopter – Let’s Get Flyin’!

You’ve seen them flyin’ at the park or on the beach. They are fast, quick and very maneuverable. RC helicopters are a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, family or just hangin’ out and passing time. If you have a Walkera helicopter, then you know exactly what I am talking about.


Walkera has been providing aero products for years. And as technology advances, so do the helicopters which keeps increasing the amount of fun one can have with a Walkera helicopter. There are a number of series to choose from and some of these are:

• Belt driven
• Shaft driven
• Coaxial
• Tail motor
• Fuel powered
• Mini’s
• Flybarless

There are multiple helicopter’s to choose from in each series noted above. Each series is packed full of helicopter’s to please anyone at any experience level. The colors are hot and the looks are cool. Several of the series are a little more unique than others but the newest are the flybarless heli’s.

Flybarless – The flybarless series currently offers 21 models which include the V500D01 which is their latest 500 EP heli. A light-weight carbon fiber body, capability to move the battery from back to front or front to back, a CNC-cut metal rotor head which without the flybar improves the efficiency and decreases power loss, and a 3-axis gyro are just a few benefits of this Walkera helicopter.

Coaxial – In the coaxial series, model HM 38#(2.4G) has a great emulational shape and with the new 2.4G technology, you can have up to 20 aircrafts fly in the same field at the same time. Can you imagine 20 of this awesome helicopters flying around in one field? Watch out gophers! Powered by a 7.4V 2200mAh LiPo, and built-in gyro sensitivity, gives you a great 10 minutes of flight time, well depending if you’re not chasing after the gophers.

Mini’s – Now we have to talk about the mini’s. These are the coolest of them all because they are so small you can fly them inside! One of the newest models is the LM180D01 which weighs in at almost half a pound and is just over 14 inches long. Due to the light weight, it has good wind resistance and prompt response to your commands. Of course, the symmetrical main blades make this a cool Walkera helicopter. It has great wind resistance and with an efficient 2×180 brushed motors which are powered by a 7.4V 800mAh LiPo, flight time can reach up to 10 minutes.

Fuel powered – If you want to some great flight time, check out the Walkera helicopter model HM 83#(2801). This awesome heli weighs in at 2.4 pounds, without fuel, and is a whopping 32.28 inches long! Wow, what a sight for your neighbors to fly this helicopter past their window! Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t be the best thing to do but the CCPM mixing control system combined with the CP (collective pitch) structure and 15A class fuel engine makes doing 3D aerobatic moves such as inverted flight, roil and swoop a blast to do. If you have to make an unplanned landing, the one-way bearing autorotation landing system minimizes possible damage.

There are so many to choose from and each one is a little unique from another. Whatever Walkera helicopter you choose, you are sure to have one heck of a flight time each time out!