Walkera QR X350

Walkera QR X350 If you are looking for something outside the box, check out the line of quadcopters that Walkera has available. Walkera continuously designs RC units that have a look that is true to itself with the functionality of an RC that will give you hours of fun. One … Continue reading

Walkera QR W100s WiFi

Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter If you are into digital technology, you will love this Walkera invention! Walkera is adding their RC products to the list of items that use a WiFi connection to control. The Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter is not only unique looking, but a … Continue reading

Walkera Pandora Warrior

Walkera Pandora Warrior Military designed products are becoming a popular trend today. If you are looking for a new RC helicopter that is fun to fly and attracts a lot of attention, then look at Walkera offers. One specific model is the Walkera Pandora Warrior. Just looking at this unique … Continue reading

Walkera MX400s

Walkera MX400s Are you looking for something different in a radio controlled unit? Walkera never fails to provide quality, realistic and fun RC products. One such RC unit is the Walkera MX400s. The MX400s is certainly a unique looking RC that falls within the helicopter category. This Walkera is actually … Continue reading

Walkera V500D01

Walkera V500D01 You could say that the Walkera V500D01 is the big one. This RC (remote control) helicopter is new to the Flybarless Series and definitely has a “wow” factor. Typically RC’s are considered toys but this one may have to be considered something a little more serious. The main … Continue reading

Walkera V450D01

Walkera V450D01 Another great model in the Flybarless Series is the Walkera V450D01. It’s sleek carbon fiber design which includes higher efficiency and less power loss with an integrated rotor head (metal) that has been machined by 5-Axis CNC. It’s RTF (ready to fly) out of the box as it’s … Continue reading

Walkera V120D02

Walkera V120D02 – Flybarless? Engineered and created by Walkera, a manufacturer in aero-models for almost a decade has created the smallest collective pitch helicopter, flybarless none the less. If you love to fly RC heli’s then you just may want to spend more time outside than you normally do. The … Continue reading

Walkera Dragonfly

Walkera Dragonfly Have you ever flown a Walkera Dragonfly? At the time, the Dragonfly was one of the most popular RC (radio control) helicopters on the market. It was able to perform aerial tricks like no other. For the quality, performance and price this was indeed an awesome unit. The … Continue reading

Walkera CB180Q

Walkera CB180Q If you are looking for something a little different, the Walkera CB180Q helicopter may be something you should check out. It might be a little bigger than you’d want, it may have a little more power than you need but it has everything that you want in a … Continue reading