Walkera 4F200

Walkera 4F200

If the Walkera 4F200 doesn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. The paint job will make you want to take a second look at this RC (remote control) heli in the Flybarless Series. There are quite a few super cool options in this series and the 4F200 is one that certainly stands out.

This is the New Model (Walkera 4F200LM)

Although the Walkera 4F200 isn’t one of latest models to hit the showroom floor, it is one that shouldn’t be left off of your wish list. The flybarless models have a been a hit since they were first introduced. Walkera offers some of the best in the industry and the F4200 is certainly one of them.

This particular helicopter would be suggested for the more advanced pilot due to the power and control that is required for this unit; the three blade system also has an involvement with this too. This is not to say that someone who grasps the concept of hand and eye coordination between the transmitter and the helicopter couldn’t fly it. With a little practice, just about anyone can be enjoying the F4200.

With this RC, you receive both high efficiency and well as a stable heli. Of course, you can’t have an awesome flight without the right tools. The Walkera 4F200 comes with a simulated 3-blade structure (main and tail). Another tool required would be the 3-Axis Controlled Balance system offered only by Walkera. This system is extremely helpful to maintain a stable and level flight.

This is the NEW MODEL (Walkera 4F200LM)

Walkera is especially proud of their 3-Axis system as it is one of if not the best one on the market today. If you have been flying an RC helicopter without this system, you have been experiencing a challenge during each flight. Once you take an RC helicopter with the 3-Axis system, you will notice the difference right away. You will no longer be concentrating on the transmitter but instead on what the helicopter is doing.

You will also get a brushless motor that will perform like no other. You are able to have a lot of power for the duration of every flight or as long as the battery lasts. We can’t leave out the 2.4G frequency spectrum technology. This feature comes in handy when there are more than one RC helicopter’s in the air. This technology will automatically assign an ID code that includes a high-jamming frequency with extreme accuracy. Some more specifications are:

• Main Rotor – 436mm
• Tail Rotor – 106mm
• Overall Length – 428mm
• Servo – WK-7.6-6 weight 8.5g/speed=.08sec/60C (4.8V) with torque of 2.0kgf.cm
• Battery- 7.4V/1200mAh
• Weight 360g including battery

The transmitter for the Walkera 4F200 is a WK-2603 which is a 6-channel controller with a micro computer system inside. With the 2.4G Spread Spectrum, you will be able to manipulate the twists and turns you want to perform during mid air. The outpower is about 10mW while the current drain is about 12mW. Power is obtained by eight 1.2V NiCd (9.3V600mAh) or eight 1.5V AA dry batteries. In regards to the output pulse, its 1050-1850 with neutral being 1500.

This is the NEW MODEL (Walkera 4F200ML)

Next time you want to test out a new RC helicopter, put the 4F200 on your list. It is a little more expensive than some of the others, but you won’t be disappointed in the Walkera 4F200.

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  1. (Toy) If I was writing this hpeocilter’s review on the first day I got the copter, I would have given it 4 stars. It had excellent handling characteristeics, and the response to the sticks’ was appropriate and proportional (not over or under-responsive.) However, the 4th channel drift’ control was problematic, as a left drift caused the hpeocilter to accelerate upward as it shifted left, and plummet downward as you drifted’ it to the right. But all in all, I liked it alot until day two’. Then, with just a mere bump against the cushioned arm of my sofa, it stopped flying. Upon inspection, I saw that the main motor shaft’s gear, that turns the lower propeller’s full size gear, had come off the motor’s shaft, and, of course, would then no longer turn the lower propeller’s gear. This should NOT have happened with such a minor bump’. In fact, I tried to cannabalize a gear from another defunct copter’, and it was a struggle’ to get that gear OFF the motor’s shaft. But with this Drift King, apparently, someone at the big C factory had barely inserted the tiny gear sufficiently onto the main motor’s shaft, and one little bump of the helicoter caused it to dislodge. I guess when you buy a 4 channel copter for under $50, you have to expect that they’ve tried to save money somewhere, and their production quality control standards is where they apparently cut back on costs. [Follow-up: Amazon discontinued this model for a few weeks, then brought it back and sold it through Amazon rather than through their ‘marketplace’ So, I figured, that with an easier-to-return policy, and the hope that the problem with the gear had been fixed by the time this model had been ‘brougt back’, I took a chance and ordered it again. And I was happy to find, that despite disassembling it to put some super glue on the gear that was originally the problem (i.e. falling off the motor’s rotor shaft), the entire inside had been reconfigured now, so it was less likely that the gear probelm could occur in this newer version. And after flying this new version for 2 days, and having a number of ‘collisions’, it’s still going strong. (But I’ll let you know if that changes). By the way, as this new/2nd heli ‘used to’ have the nice ‘proportional responsiveness’ to stick movements as the first version, this ability seems to be deteriating over time. Also, this is just about the only heli that, if you give it too much throttle just after a full charge, it won’t hit the ceiling…it defintely shoots upward, but it’s just heavy enough to prevent a ceiling collision. As for flight time, 40 minutes of USB charge gave me about 6-7 minutes of flight…but that was just a small ‘circling’ test in order to test its maximum flight duration under ideal conidtions.]

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