Walkera 4G6S

Walkera 4G6S

Whether you are into RC boats, cars, trains or planes, you are going to love the Walkera mini’s series. The Walkera 4G6S is one of the most recent releases to the public and with this awesome little heli, there is no doubt you will have some fun with it

You may be familiar with the model 4G6 which has a brushless motor and built-in all-up gyro. Well, the Walkera 4G6S, is similar but the specifications are somewhat different. Let’s check ’em out:

• 3-axis gyro
• Receiver is RX-2610S
• Transmitter is WK-2602
• Brushless motor is WK-WS-12-005
• Brushless speed controller is WK-WST-10A-L3
• Main rotor diameter is 258mm
• Tail rotor diameter is 76mm
• Battery is a 3.7V mAh LiPo
• Weight is 3.1g
• Torque at .12kg/cm (3.0 ~ 4.5V)
• Speed at .12sec/60˚ (3.0 ~ 4.5V)
• Total dimensions are 19.2*8.3*19.7mm

4G6S-3With these specifications, the Walkera 4G6S makes it the perfect indoor RC (radio control) helicopter. It looks like its full-sized version but in a much smaller package. This helicopter is easy to fly and easy to complete a number of aerobatics inside your own home. This makes the perfect choice for those who live where the four seasons exist. In the warmer months, you can pilot outside and when the weather turns, your pilot license becomes valid for indoors.

Despite its compact size, its shaft transmission system can save up to 15 percent which equals to that it’s highly efficient. You want a smooth running RC especially if using it indoors. You need to ensure that you have control over the unit otherwise you’re apt to destroy something and it probably won’t be your helicopter. The 3.7V torque brushless motor helps big time with this issue as you get more power in flight to make quick and smooth changes when necessary.

The first specification noted was the 3-axis gyro which is an awesome system to maintain balance while the helicopter is in flight. The system keeps balance in check at all times so that you can continue to fly and not have to deal with rebalancing the heli yourself. This is also helpful when landing; and the durable landing skid help out too.

Of course you can’t take off and crash without your transmitter which is a WK-2602 which is a 2.4Ghz and 6-channel unit. It has two power options which are either a 1.2V x 8 NiCd (9.6V 600mAh) or 1.5V x 8 double A dry batteries. It has gone high tech and has a cool but easy to read LCD menu on the face. In addition, the frequency is automatically assigned and bonds ID code so you can fly without interference.

Since you will more than likely be doing a lot of flying indoors, you might want to pick up some spare parts to    4G6S-pichave on hand so the fun won’t stop. An extra set of main blades, tail and gears and maybe an extra battery and of course don’t forget the battery charger. If you do want to take your Walkera 4G6S helicopter out into the big blue yonder, you can carry it safely in a heavy gauge aluminum (which can fit TWO heli’s – one for you and one for your best friend).

This miniature Walkera 4G6S is the perfect gift for just about anyone who loves gadgets, toys and to be outside. The smaller frame makes it perfect to fly when stuck inside. Next time your by a RC shop, stop in and see the 4G6S in person; if you ask, you might just get to take it for a test run!

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  1. Hi Ali, how does the V450D03 compare with the older V450D01?I know that one has 6 axis gyro and the other has 3, but you only relaly need 3, anything more is redundant, right? Is there relaly a significant difference between the two systems as far as performance? Also, I’ve notice that there are a lot of plastic parts on the new version. Downgraded from carbon fiber?Thanks!

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