Walkera CB100

Walkera CB100

A double whammy gets you with the Walkera CB100. Not only is it part of the Tail Motor Series but it’s a part of the Mini Series as well. This RTF (ready to fly) RC (radio control) helicopter is a favorite with it LCD transmitter. It can be flown indoors or outdoors; it’s totally up to you.

The bright yellow, blue and black color theme brightens this Walkera while it rests, hovers or does amazing aerial tricks. This 4-channel is reasonably priced and comes with a ton of cool features all in one little package.

The Walkera CB100 is ready to fly right out of its box. Well, except for charging up the batteries. It comes with an extra set of main motor blades and an extra tail motor blade. The manuals for both the helicopter and the transmitter are user friendly and have a lot of useful information so don’t toss it just yet.

The CB100 is super light as it weighs 66g with battery (its light than your smart phone). The overall length is 216mm with the main rotor being 202mm and the tail rotor being 48mm. With its tiny size, you don’t need a huge room to do some indoor piloting.

On the helicopter itself, you will find some technology that offers the fun you’ve been after. The heli itself carries an all in one receiver, gyro and mixing board which sits up near the nose. This is the unit or the brain that communicates with the transmitter and ensures that the helicopter is performing the set tasks of the pilot.

The CB100 comes with two brushless motors of which one is for the main rotor and the other is for the tail rotor. In addition, there are two independent speed motors for each set of rotors and two servos as well. The new rotor head allows a few moments of flight even with hands off. Some additional features are:

• Receiver is an RX-2406C
• Gyro has built in battery which is 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po
• Servo weighs 3.18g; speed is .12sec8/60 degrees (3.0~4.5V); torque is .12kgf.cm (3.0 ~ 4.5V); dimensions are 19.2*8.3*19.7mm

The transmitter for the Walkera CB100 is a WK-2402 is high tech as it is a 4-channel with 2.4G technology. Functions include automatic identification which helps with pairing as well as strong anti-jamming feature; there are over 100 channels available. It also has an LCD display with is digital and easy to read. In addition, there are 4 modes available of which mode 2 is the factory setting.

This mini helicopter is so easy to fly, it’s perfect for beginners and even the advanced pilots. The Walkera CB100 is durable and stable which means it will fly great and crashes will be at a minimum. If you need some extra practice without actually piloting the CB100, there is a special connection port for your computer in which you can practice with simulation software.

On its maiden voyage, you need to adjust the blade drifts so not too tight otherwise blades will cause an uneven flight. Other than that, the Walkera CB100 is a small, fun and cool mini to fly indoors and out.

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