Walkera CB180Q

Walkera CB180Q

If you are looking for something a little different, the Walkera CB180Q helicopter may be something you should check out. It might be a little bigger than you’d want, it may have a little more power than you need but it has everything that you want in a RC helicopter. Ready to fly out of the box, except for charging the batteries, it’s instant gratification when you pilot this hybrid Airwolf around in the air.

Part of the Shaft Driven Series, the Walkera CB180Q is preassembled so that you don’t have to waste any time; just install the charged batteries and you are off! The box includes the CB180Q, a 7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po battery and charger along with a flight simulator adapter and the manual. It looks almost like the real deal; take a close look and get ready for some fun.

This Walkera helicopter comes with a standard high performance metal rotor blade set which moves your shaft driven helicopter around the neighborhood. The aluminum rotor head and main blade holder help to reduce the overall weight of 288grams which includes the battery. The technology within this heli offers the likeness of a co-axial helicopter in flight but in smoother flights.

The RTF (ready to fly) helicopter is 460mm (18.11 inches) in length while the main rotor is 440mm (17.3 inches). There are no landing skid plates on this RC as there are 3 wheels; one up under the cockpit while the other two are just behind the wings; unfortunately, the wheels do not retract. With the 2.4GHz radio system, it wraps up the entire package. The 2.4GHz is the latest system in the Walkera helicopters. It gives you better transmission further away with a lot less interference and less legal issues with others.

The fuselage is pretty durable but will crack if the Walkera CB180Q receives sufficient hard hits. The battery tray will allow for other batteries than the stock battery which is actually heavy at 56.5 grams. One pilot stated he tried 900mAh 15C and 20C’s which are approximately 10 grams lighter than the stock battery.

It has been mentioned that out of the box it flies great; however, the elevator servo bellcrank rod wasn’t lengthened correctly and had to be done manually. The rod length can be lengthened by adjusting it with about 4 counter clockwise turns. Once done, the Walkera CB180Q should hover a great deal better.

If you want to be able to quickly change directions, try adding some weight to the flybar. You can change out the flybar weights for smaller/lighter ones. Not only will this help with piloting but you will see an increase in speed as well.

Another pilot indicated that the blade grips could be of higher quality. Changing blades or adjusting the tension increased the chances of stripping the screws. This was fixed by using a dome top screws from a 4G3 resolved their problem.

To wrap things up, although there are some adjustments that may need to be made, the CB180Q is still a lot of fun. Extra blades should be purchased, but this is necessary for any RC helicopter. The Walkera CB180Q is a nice change of pace from flying minis or driving RC’s.

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  1. well sir,my guess on that would be that youve got the trim to far right or left,whichever way its sinnping on you,dial it the other way till it stops sinnping.there could also be a piece of twig or something stuck in there too as a plan b.its hard to say unless im holding it and i can see it,but try that out.if its a very inexpencive copter,sometimes they just do that,i have one and its a piece of junk,but i only payed 19$ for it.

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