Walkera MX400s

Walkera MX400s

Are you looking for something different in a radio controlled unit? Walkera never fails to provide quality, realistic and fun RC products. One such RC unit is the Walkera MX400s.

The MX400s is certainly a unique looking RC that falls within the helicopter category. This Walkera is actually a quadcopter that combines fun and intense together in one unit to create a one of a kind experience. A change between the MX400 and the MX400s is that the 3-bladed props have been replaced with 2-bladed props.

Walkera MX400s

walkera  mx400s 2Does the number of blades and props make a difference? They do; in fact, this particular model can perform aerobatic tricks! Although the three blades allow for a smooth flight, the change to two blades creates a slightly shakier flight but you can still obtain some great footage.

Taking aerial videos is indeed possible with the same mounting options that are available on the MX400. Watching in real time what your quadcopter is doing while you are piloting it is something we used to only dream of. What other features does the Walkera MX400s offer?

• Overall length: 270mm
• Overall width: 270mm
• Diameter of main rotor: 254mm
• Weight (without battery): approximately 10 pounds
• Payload: about 1 pound
• Gyro: 6-axis
• Receiver model: RX2642-H-D
• Transmitter model can be any of the DEVO compilable with telemetry support which can be that of 7E, 8S, 10 or 12S
• Brushless motor model: WK-WS-28-009-x4
• ESC / Brushless Speed Controller model: WK-WST-30A4
• Battery specifications: 11.1V 2200mAH which is a LiPo 25C version

Walkera MX400s

When you first see the MX400s, it doesn’t look like your typical helicopter. It appears to be more of an unknown Walkera mx400s 3flying object. The majority of the RC is black while 2 blades are orange in color. Two flight modes, regular and stunt, are available to enhance every experience.

Many of the larger RC’s that Walkera offers are for the more experienced pilots. However, the Walkera MX400s is geared for the beginner. It’s recommended to practice in the Regular mode before going into the Stunt mode. Although, if you feel you are experienced enough go ahead and get the MX400s in Stunt mode right out of the box.

The 6-axis gyro provides assistance in easy take offs and landings in addition to rough weather. The brushless motors in conjunction with the gyro create a smooth flight. This results in decent aerial videos/pictures that you can take with a Walkera brand or your own camera. To make this quadcopter even cooler, it comes standard with LED lighting for day and night flights.

To step it up a notch, you can even upgrade your MX400s to have GPS functionality. Another optional feature is the Walkera Bi-directional technology which assists with telemetry functions. Also, the skid landing that comes standard can be upgraded to a heavier version which is beneficial for beginner pilots.

Whether you are a beginner RC pilot or you’ve been flying radio controlled units for years, Walkera continuously offers products to make any outing fun. The Walkera MX400s is one quadcopter that has a unique look and a great option for any level of RC pilot.

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