Walkera Pandora Warrior

Walkera Pandora Warrior

Military designed products are becoming a popular trend today. If you are looking for a new RC helicopter that is fun to fly and attracts a lot of attention, then look at Walkera offers. One specific model is the Walkera Pandora Warrior.

Just looking at this unique RC, you will want to take it for a test spin as soon as possible. Better yet, have one of your own. You will be pleased with the control and ability that the Pandora Warrior offers.

Walkera Pandora Warrior

Walkera Pandora WarriorAlthough a little assembly is required (I know what else is new?) the end result is well worth it. One of the unique features of this helicopter is that you have the ability to attach a camera to the copter for awesome aerial views. Are you ready to know more?

Offered in a military green and realistic looking fuselage, the Walkera Pandora Warrior offers an overall length of 500mm with a width of 445mm and height of 155mm. The main rotor diameter is 1500mm which is a must to keep this beast in the air. Although, weighing in in at just around 1.5 pounds, the Pandora Warrior offers more than just its looks. Some additional specs are:

• Receiver is a RX2648H-D which has a built-in 6-axis gyro
• Servo is model WK-2601
• Brushless Motors (2) are the WK-WS-28-008W
• Brushless ESC (controller) is the WK-WST-15A2
• Battery is the 14.8V (1800mAH) Li-Po
• Battery charger offers 1-3A amperage (adjustable) and has NiGe capabilities
• Radio (FPV factory installed) is the TX5803
• Camera (FPV) is the model Walkera DV04-C HD which offers 1280×720

Walkera Pandora Warrior

The greatest thrill of maneuvering a remote controlled unit is watching the unit do what you intend to do.         Walkera-Pandora-Warrior-3Whether that is jumping a two foot mound of dirt or flying in and out of rooms in your home, the ability to make your RC move in a number of different ways is a thrill to say the least. Flying a Walkera Pandora Warrior is no different.

The strong motor guards offer an increase in safety during flight and also provide extra protection in the event of a crash. The stability offered by the Pandora Warrior is very similar to flying an RC airplane. This aircraft will even be fun to fly at night with its LED lighting system which is offered both in front and in the back of the unit.

With the standard battery, the average fly time is about 8 to 10 minutes. This unique helicopter is for intermediate to expert pilots. This is not to say that those who have good hand and eye coordination couldn’t handle and RC unit on the first time out.

The combination of the twin 6.9 inch tri-blade rotors along with the 2 servos assist in a smooth operation when moving forwards and backwards. Lifting off takes a little practice but landing is easy. And to view your flights as if you were in the actual pilot’s seat, an HD camera is included but you will probably get a better image if you install your own. Is there a better way to enjoy flying your RC?

Walkera Pandora Warrior 2This 6CH copter won’t perform any aerobatic routines but it does handle well for its size and weight. Overall, flying this copter is a blast. The Walkera Pandora Warrior is indeed an RC you want to mess with!

3 thoughts on “Walkera Pandora Warrior

  1. It seems to be a nice little heli, I like the fact it’s a bit more diilcuft to fly then cb100, you need to remember this is a fixed pitch heli, so if you having trouble with it don’t bother trying to fly a collective pitch heli. Even tho it’s good I think the price is high for a tiny heli.

  2. Hi. Been looking for one to buy. Heard it is discontinued. Still would like to know if I can purchase one and transmitter.

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