Walkera QR W100s WiFi

Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter

If you are into digital technology, you will love this Walkera invention! Walkera is adding their RC products to the list of items that use a WiFi connection to control. The Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter is not only unique looking, but a blast to have as well.

Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter

Who needs a controller when you have your iPhone or other “i” product? Okay, if you don’t have one of the “i” products, there is a 2.4 GHz controller available for purchase. The QR doesn’t use Bluetooth, but the purpose of use your current “i” technology is to view where your QR W100s is flying via your mobile device; however, an active network isn’t necessary according to Walkera.

Walkera QR W100s 1The flight time, fully charged, is about 8 – 10 minutes. The power comes from a 3.7 volt 600mAh LiPo battery with the receiver being a DSM2. Depending upon your service, the maximum control range is approximately 80 meters. One battery, one GA006 battery charger and an USB cable comes standard with your purchase. Charging time can be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Four channels are available for the white Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter which also has black around the cabin and of the four blades; the back two blades are yellow. Walkera’s gyroscope allows sideward flights in addition to hovering, up/down, forwards/backwards and of course the ability to turn left and right. Some specs are:

• Diameter of main rotor: 55.8mm
• Gravity sensor
• Supported by iPhone, iPad or other iPod touch products
• Video viewable in real time
• Overall dimensions: 5.67in x 5.67in x 1.38in (14.4cm x 14.4cm x 3.5cm)
• Weight: 2.44 ounces (69g)

Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter

What makes the QR W100s stand out is the 30w pixel camera (HD) that offers views of your quadcopter in WiFi Controllerflight. The quality of the video is based on distance between you and the quadcopter and your mobile device. The gravity sensor adds to the experience by creating a sensation of the flight in the pilot’s hands while navigating the QR W100s.

The best part is that an active network is not required for the video application to work. Press and pull down on the four hook of the Walkera QR W100s frame to install the motor grame which allows the images to be viewed. In fact, anyone in receiving distance can view the QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopters images with their mobile device.

Although this quadcopter is small (considered part of the mini family), the price tag which is about $100.00 is a little steep. However, given the fact that you can obtain a bird’s eye view of your surroundings the benefits are worth it. In addition, compared to the QR W100 the main blades of the QR W100s offer a lower loss of power and higher efficiency.

Some assembly is required and the tools and manual you need are included. Once the battery is charged and the camera and your mobile device are set up, you are ready for a lot of fun. Walkera has always offered great products and the Walkera QR W100s WiFi Controlled Quadcopter is definitely one of these products.

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  1. hes right dude,go for a 3 cnenhal,fly it till it burns out,then go to a 4 cnenhal which will add yaw to the equasion.fly that untill youve got the hang of that front to back.A 6 cnenhal??imagine an appache that goes 500 miles an hour and can do flips and go upsidedown 5 times in a second,and that you have to pay for out of your own pocket to fix when ya stove it.these symas are great,get one with a gyro for sure,you wont regret it.Take care out there Sir.

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