Walkera RC Helicopter

Walkera RC Helicopter

If you have been driving RC cars for awhile you should try to pilot a Walkera RC helicopter. Walkera has been creating innovated RC (radio control) units for years and has numerous styles to choose from. Whether you like big or small, gas or battery there is a RC helicopter for you.

Prepare – RC units do require some coordination between your mind and your hands. The transmitter is a hand held unit that has levers on it that you move in certain directions to make the RC unit perform a certain action. If you haven’t used a transmitter before, it will be a new learning experience.

Before you take your first flight with your Walkera RC helicopter, look over the transmitter and do your best to understand what controls do what. If the transmitter has an LCD screen, go through the menus and take some time to understand what you are seeing on the screen. Your first maiden voyage into the air will probably be shaky and don’t let that bother you. To be a great pilot, it takes practice, practice and more practice.

It’s also a good idea to be ready for anything. Have an extra battery fully charged and some extra rotor blades just in case there is a “slight” mishap. You may even want an extra tail as a back up too. Not every flight will result in an “issue” but by taking the proper precautions and practicing, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Safety – Flying a Walkera RC helicopter is an adventure every time the RC unit goes into the air. You never know what’s going to happen. Never fly around power lines or hanging cables. Fly in open areas to ensure that you have plenty of room to perform stunts or race another RC. If your helicopter is small enough to fly indoors, stay away from heat sources and any large obstacles.

Many transceivers today have the ability to automatically set code pairing and ID memory. This is a great feature when you want to fly with others who also have RC unit. This purpose is for the radio frequency that is used between your transmitter and the receiver will be different than the frequency that your friends are using. If you are using the same frequency, no one will be taking flight.

Fun– Your Walkera RC helicopter was made for fun whether you are flying out side with your neighbors or indoors on a rainy day. Some of the larger RC helicopters are still small enough to fly indoors but only if you have enough room to fly. The mini series is perfect for indoors. The minis are a little longer than the palm of your hand and since they come preassembled; they are ready to fly right out of the box of course that is after the battery has been charged.

Flying an RC airplane is a lot of fun, but flying an RC helicopter is a lot more fun. The helicopters can be manipulated to do some very cool stunts and with practice you will be a pro. Having a Walkera RC helicopter will bring fun into any day at a great price.

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  1. Ive bout quite a few helis from banana hobby and i been doptpsiinaed with all except 1 which is the blitzrcworks Atom 250 love it. I just wish there other helis where of that quality. I stopped buying there products a couple of years ago and banana hobby has come out with new helis they might of changed and gotten better but i dont kno. you might want to find people who have flown there newer 1s and ask them. every1 has there opinions but i will never buy from them again.

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