Walkera V120D02

Walkera V120D02 – Flybarless?

Engineered and created by Walkera, a manufacturer in aero-models for almost a decade has created the smallest collective pitch helicopter, flybarless none the less. If you love to fly RC heli’s then you just may want to spend more time outside than you normally do. The Walkera V120D02 fits in the palm of your hand is for the intermediate to more experienced flyers.

If you don’t know, the “V” stands for “flybarless” and the number 120 means that the heli is in the “120” class. This model, V120D02, is a 6-channel and CP (collective pitch) helicopter. Its heritage is from the 4G6S series and there are 80 percent common parts. The main difference being that the Walkera V120D02 doesn’t have a flybar.


V120D02-PictureThe total weight, with battery, is 88 grams and isn’t affected by light breezes with its 10,000KV motor which powers both the main and tail rotors. The motor, brushless by the way, is a 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po which offers increased air time of the 11.42 inch body (290mm) which can make any afternoon a lot more fun. To make it even more fun, the Walkera V120D02 is a 3-Axis gyro which typically not found in RC heli’s.

3-Axis Gyro

A 3-axis gyro just means that it can recognize 3 different motions such as forward and backwards, rolling left and right, and then tail drifting CW and CWW. An off-balance should not occur as the 3-axis gyro should keep the balance in check at all times. If the Walkera V120D02 does wobble it could be that there is too much air turbulence outside.

Of course, the tail rotor generates the necessary wind to counter act the rotation of the main rotor. A change in the pitch of the tail rotor blade should be able to compensate for the unbalance. Also, the rudder servo should be corrected while the heli is moving forward in one direction and this will change the pitch of the tail rotor.

No Flybar?

The newest and coolest feature, well, the loss of a feature is that there isn’t a flybar. A flybar is a short and thin metal rod which is part of the rotor head and attached with a paddle at the ends. The purpose of a flybar is to stabilize the RC when in flight. An increase of stability comes from a heavier paddle and a longer flybar. The 3-axis compensates for the loss of the flybar. Of course, the onboard controller makes the whole package complete.

The Walkera V120D02 come completely pre-assembled so you can lift off right out of the box, well after the battery as been charged of course. The CP design teamed with the 3-axis gyro creates an aerobatic daredevil heli pilot out of anyone. And because of its size and weight, if you have enough room you could maneuver your RC helicopter inverted inside your own home.

With all that said, you can’t fly the Walkera V120D02 without a transmitter. Check out the 2.4 GHz digitalized V120D02-Picture 2WK2603 6-channel transmitter. The power comes from a 1.2V x 8 Ni CD (9.6V600mAh) or, yeah you have an option, 1.5V x 8 AA dry batteries. It has an LCD display which is easy to read so you know exactly what the Walkera V120D02 is doing while in the air.

So, if you aren’t hyped up yet, then you’d better go take one for a test drive. It’s small and quick and a lot of fun.

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