Walkera V200D01

Walkera V200D01

Walkera has given us a number of different series that include a variety of RC helicopters to keep us having fun for a long time. The latest in the series is the flybarless series and the Walkera V200D01 is one that has a rotor span that can’t be reckoned with. Although heavier than the others in the series, it is one to consider for a fun afternoon at the park.

The vibrant yellow with a mean streak of black and a couple touches of red make this helicopter stand out. Let’s review the specs that make this helicopter great for beginners:

• All-up weight 268g (including battery)
• Battery is 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo
• Brushless Motor of WK-WST-21-003
• Brushless Speed Controller (ESC) of WK-WST-20A-1
• 3 – axis gyro
• Overall length of 432mm
• Main rotor diameter of 440mm
• Receiver of RX-2437V
• Tail rotor diameter of 121mm
• Transmitter is WK-2402

A Balancing Act
Okay, those are now out in full view and you can see what makes up the Walkera V200D01. So what about that flybarless system? Well, it is a relatively new system to actually work with the 3-axix gyro to combat balance. Flybarless allows a more compact structure that allows for a low power loss and amazingly improves efficiency of the helicopter. The 3-axel gyro system can work with three different directions at one time and keeps the Walkera V200D01 balanced. The three directions are elevator, aileron and the rudder. This perfect balancing act can automatically amend the flight status if it gets a little crazy.

The brushless motor is a fabulous feature in many of the new RC toys which offers better control in the pilot’s hands. The Walkera V200D01 is also equipped with WK-2403 radio that has a retro black and white checked pattern on the face. The particular radio allows you, the pilot, can switch from the Due l Rates (D/R) mode according to your hand feeling which has easy setting.

The Walkera V200D01 has the body, the motor and the power but it can’t take off without the rotor blades. The main rotor blades, as mentioned earlier, are composed of a compact and flybarless structure. These work together with the tail rotor blades which use a highly effective shaft transmission which have an AVCS head lock system.

New Pilot?
Right before the specifications were listed, I stated that the Walkera V200D01 is great for beginners. To help you get started learning to fly the correct way, you might want to consider purchasing a training gear set. This set is very helpful for the newbies in the RC helicopter arena. The set includes 4 extended carbon fiber legs with four 5mm (diameter) skid landing tubes. The ends of the legs have round spheres at the ends so your helicopter will look kind of funny but the kit is indeed a helpful guide in the process of gaining your flying license.

The Walkera V200D01 is a fun RC helicopter that everyone will enjoy. When you are ready to head out for the afternoon, don’t forget an extra charged battery and maybe a neck strap for your transmitter. Oh yeah, don’t forget the sunscreen and ice water too!

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