Walkera V450D01

Walkera V450D01

Another great model in the Flybarless Series is the Walkera V450D01. It’s sleek carbon fiber design which includes higher efficiency and less power loss with an integrated rotor head (metal) that has been machined by 5-Axis CNC. It’s RTF (ready to fly) out of the box as it’s preassembled.

The Flybarless Series offers a number of great RC (radio control) helicopters for any experience level. The Walkera V450D01 has more power than others so a beginner may have a little difficulty at first. Of course, with a little practice they should be able to be a successful pilot in no time. Some of the V450D01 specifications are:

• Overall length – 670mm
• Main rotor diameter – 731mm
• Tail rotor diameter – 670mm
• Weight with battery – 748grams

The main features of the Walkera V450D01 are that it has Walkera’s 3-Axis Gyro system which automatically adjusts any stability issues so that the pilot doesn’t have to. The rotor head, which is metal, has been cut by CNC and without the flybar the efficiency has been greatly improved. The carbon frame is 1.5mm thick to give a good protective layer to the chassis and components of the helicopter.

The V450D01 comes preassembled which is great for those who don’t want to spend the time building a helicopter. The box includes the helicopter, the transmitter (WK-2801PRO), an 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery and the necessary battery charger as well as an instruction manual. The 8 AA batteries or Li-Po battery the transmitter requires are not included.

The pricing on the V450D01 is higher than most but this has a lot to do with its size and the performance. Most pilots who have experienced flying this particular Walkera helicopter are amazed how fun it is right out of the box. It has good head speed and is very stable.

With the main blades being carbon, they are balanced and provide a smooth flight. And with the brushless motor and sturdy frame, 3D flying is a blast. The 3-Axis Gyro that is incorporated into the 2.4 GHz receiver works great. Although the battery is held in by 2 rubber bands, it stays in and the tray will hold smaller batteries as well.

The tail rotor assembly is all metal so it’s very durable and 5 ball bearings are incorporated into it to help with smooth flights. Carbon fiber is also the material that the tail fins and the tail boom are constructed of. The carbon fiber along with the aluminum mounting blocks ensures a durable tail end. The Walkera V450D01, for its size, is durable and rugged for the price.

In regards to the transmitter, WK-2801PRO, it has an LCD screen and is easy to read. It is an 8-channel transmitter with an outpower of 100Mw and a current drain of about 120mA. It feels good in the hands and the controls stick can be lengthened and the tension can be adjusted. The menu is easy to read and set up; there are even 4 hot keys available so you can focus on the flight itself rather than the transmitter.

Being one of the largest in the Flybarless Series, the V450D01 brings out the kid in us. The price is a little high for a beginner but the power and ease of piloting is worth it. The Walkera V450D01 is a blast right out of its box.

2 thoughts on “Walkera V450D01

  1. This is the most advanced and fwroard thinking 3 channel heli I have ever flown. Great responsiveness and it even banks like a four channel heli. Great build quality and design. I am very excited about this heli .ordered another one today. Only down side is that this model is brand new so product support such as parts are going to be a lot harder to find. Like what I have seen so far when flying it. Trim levels are easy enough to adjust and the hovering on this model is very stable for a single blade configuration. The speed on this thing is definitely past what any other three channel has to offer. The characteristics are far more like a 4 channel with servos that affect the pitch of the blades, vs every other 3 channel that is fixed blade and usually a coax/ double blade configuration. I would not recommend this heli to someone who has never flown a rc helicopter. Start with another Syma Heli, there is a mini s107, regular double horse which is roughly the same size as this one and the volitation which is 26 inches, a fairly large heli. The volitation is great for beginners as well as the s107. I own both and they provide a stable platform to work with while learning to control rc choppers. Both don’t take kindly to light winds, but besides that they are great to fly. All syma’s have lights found throughout the frame of the chopper. Night flying with any of these models has to be my favorite pastime. I hope you enjoy this addictive hobby and happy flying regardless of what ever model you choose.

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