Walkera V500D01

Walkera V500D01

You could say that the Walkera V500D01 is the big one. This RC (remote control) helicopter is new to the Flybarless Series and definitely has a “wow” factor. Typically RC’s are considered toys but this one may have to be considered something a little more serious.

The main features that Walkera states are that the rotor head is metal and has been cut by CNC (like most of them are). This special cut provides less power loss and a big increase in the helicopters efficiency. Walkera’s 3-Axis Gyro (which can be adjusted by the transmitter) is of course included which maintains the balance and stability of the heli during each flight.

The huge frame is constructed of carbon fiber to lessen the overall weight and to allow for extreme 3D performance. Don’t let the size fool you, this heli can still perform like its small counterparts. The bearings (imported) ensure a smooth operation and reliability during each flight. The basic specifications are:

• Overall length – 883 mm (34.76 inches)
• Main rotor diameter – 975 mm (38.38 inches)
• Tail rotor diameter- 205 mm (8.07 inches)
• Weight 1,000 grams/2.2 pounds (not including battery) per Walkera’s main website; however, Amazon.com states the weight is 5.6 pounds

The measurements above definitely constitute a monster of a beast. Keep in mind that the size has no bearing on the Walkera V500D01 performance. With the 2.4G control system, you still have that same control, quick response and smooth functions as you do with the smaller models.

The combination of the carbon fiber frame and main rotor blades along with a great design, this helicopter will perform like no other. There are tons of videos online showing how awesome this bird is in the air. The price tag is over $700.00 but if you love 3D RC flights then this baby is the one for you.

• Battery required is a 22.2V>=2500mAh Li-Po
• Transmitter is a WK-2801PRO
• Receiver is a RX-2702V

Walkera recommends the Walkera V500D01 for ages 14 and on up. When flying the V500D01, ensure that there plenty of space to maneuver without getting caught up in wires or trees. The last thing you need is to lose a rotor because of a tree branch.

The transmitter is the awesome WK-2801PRO that Walkera has chosen to supply with a number of their RC helicopters. If purchased separately, it could run you about $180.00. This is a great looking 8-channel unit and works perfect with the 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum system. This system is perfect when flying with other as it will automatically assign and ID and code pairing so you don’t have to.

This transmitter is ergonomically designed and has an easy to read LCD screen that shows you your current flight status information. There are 4 hot keys available for the 4 functions from the menu that you use the most. It can even hold the information for up to 8 different RC models so you don’t have to reprogram if switching toys.

If you are bored of flying the minis around the house, maybe it’s time to check something that requires you to head outside. With plenty of power and awesome performances, the Walkera V500D01 may just be the RC helicopter you’ve been looking for.

2 thoughts on “Walkera V500D01

  1. hey how r u . i have heli. ( kz999) . i charge the beartty 2 hours after that when the heli fly , it fly and quickly down to the ground do u know why this happen ( i charge the beartty before playing 2 hours ) ? and last qustion sory , can i change the motor ( brushes motor ) to brushless ? please dont forget me . im waiting to answer my qus. pppp

    • Hey thanks for stopping by. You may need to get a new battery, it may have built up memory. not sure about the mortor, it may be possible with some modifications.

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