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Walkera Helicopters

Finding new ways to get the family together or just spend some time hanging around the house, and radio control (RC) units can be the solution you are looking for. Walkera has been offering RC units for decades and each new helicopter released has been designed to use the latest innovative technology to give the most fun and best flights possible. There are numerous styles and sizes to choose from so there is something for everyone.

Obviously a 3 year old isn’t going to be operating a transmitter to get an RC to move about for fun. However, if the 3 year old is watching their Dad manipulate the RC, then that’s a whole other story. Real life helicopter’s that fly about in the air are interesting in how they work, the sound they make and just the fact that they are in the air is intriguing. There is something that fascinates us when we watch a helicopter that we can hold in our hands fly about at our every command.

There are a number of companies today that offer RC helicopters and many of them do make some great units. Walkera is one of these companies and they have a huge line of helicopters that you can choose from based on your experience, how much room you have to fly the helicopter in and which design you like the best. There are currently 8 different series that you can choose from so there is bound to be at least one that you catch you eye and will fit into your budget.

The 8 series available are the belt-driven, the tail motor, the coaxial, the super-deluxe, the shaft driven, the fuel-powered, the minis and the flybarless. Each series that Walkera offers has been tested and retested to ensure that you get the best possible RC possible. Some helicopters available look like the real deal (i.e. Airwolf 200SD3) which simply adds more excitement to the entire experience of piloting the helicopter around your yard or at the local park.

The most powerful Walkera helicopters will be found in the fuel-powered series and smallest will be of course in the mini series. The latest and greatest in the RC helicopter world are those found in the flybarless series; of which there are currently 24 to choose from. A flybar on a RC helicopter is strategically placed to stabilize the unit’s rotor system while in flight and will do this automatically. This feature allows you to perform stunts that you can’t with a unit that has a flybar.

The coaxial series is unique in the fact that these models have two upper blades (hence the name coaxial). The Lama 400 which is a 2.4 GHz edition looks like a real helicopter except for the battery which you can see through the cockpit window. Some enthusiasts believe that the double blades make it easier to fly.

Whether you are new to piloting RC units or have been doing so for years, piloting a helicopter is a lot of fun especially when you share the experience with others. Walkera strives to provide the best products for the consumer and if you take one for a test drive you will see why.

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  1. yep,im sure ill get the new one when it comes out,i have recently moved away from the coast so every monirng has been perfect flying weather,i cant beleive how nice the 400d is to fly,touch wood,my lower blade holder and motors are holding up well,the nicest helicopter i have ever flown

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